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  • We pay cash for all types of old commercial trucks in all conditions
  • We will pick up your truck for free and tow it for free if required
  • Get paid in cash for your used commercial truck of any make or model

Get the Maximum Value for Your Old Commercial Truck

Do you have a used, damaged, or second-hand commercial truck that is just idling away and not bringing home any money? Do you really want to hold on to that truck or would you rather look for commercial truck buyers near me? Kelly Truck Buyers is one of the leading used commercial truck buyers across the United States. We can give you the cash you might need for fixing the rest of your fleet.

We are among the few used commercial truck buyers in the area that have the capacity to buy an entire fleet at the best price. You don't need to find anyone else when you have Kelly Truck Buyers. Give us a call right away or use our online easy online link to get a free quote.

Why Sell Your Junk Commercial Truck to Us?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you work with the first company that comes up in a “commercial truck buyers near me” online search on Google. You may end up having to deal with an awkward stranger, a tire kicker, or an unreliable haggler.

You don't need to worry about these things when you work with Kelly Truck Buyers. We are industry experts in the world of old commercial truck buying. We have a team of trained and dedicated customer care specialists that will use a transparent system for determining the value of your used truck. The best part is that this value is usually more than what other commercial truck buyers would offer.

There are other ways we help you get maximum value. For instance, we don't expect you to do anything or spend any time on your truck. You don't need to give it a thorough cleaning or spruce it up for us. It is always welcome if you want to. But you don't really need to spend money on a professional wash. You don't have to pay to have the fenders fixed or the scratches removed from the hood. We will buy your used commercial vehicle in an as-is condition and give you top dollar for it as well.

Another reason to do business with us is that we don't charge for the pick-up and towing. We don't charge anything extra if the truck is no longer in a running condition. This is one of the reasons sellers recognize us as one of the best used commercial truck buyers in the industry. You don't just get the best market price, but also save on other fronts.

Request for a Quote if You have a Used Commercial Truck for Sale

  • Highly competitive rates in the industry
  • No towing or pick-up charges
  • No stressful dealing or opaque information
  • 100% cash payment in most cases
  • We purchase trucks in as-is condition

Before you go searching for commercial truck buyers near me, give us a call and request for a quote. We might just make the entire deal easy and pleasant for you.


How soon can you pick up the truck?

We will come to your location to pick up the truck at a time convenient to you. We value your time and know that things are always busy in the trucking world. We can probably try to pick up the truck right away if you give us a call now.

When will I get my money?

Kelly Truck Buyers is an industry leader, and we want to make it as easy as possible for all customers to get the money they need. We will send the check or cash as soon as possible after the pick-up.

Can I get paid in cash?

In most cases, you can choose between getting paid in cash and check. We will send the amount as soon as possible once the deal is done.

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