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Get The Best Deal From Top-Rated Heavy Truck Salvage Buyers

  • We will pick up your salvage truck free of charge and haul it away
  • We are the country's top most family-owned heavy truck salvage buyers
  • Get 100% cash or check offer for your truck from Kelly Truck Buyers

The primary advantage of dealing with leading salvage truck buyers like us is the sense of security and the minimal time it takes to get your old truck sold and hauled away. You know you are dealing with a renowned company. The transaction is quick and transparent. You don't need to worry about getting lowballed when you give Kelly Truck Buyers a call.

If you are searching for “heavy truck salvage buyers near me,” we invite you to look at our prices and services. People with heavy truck salvage for sale trust us for getting the maximum value advantage. After all, we are known as one of the highest paying heavy truck salvage buyers in the industry.

Sell Your Heavy Truck Salvage for Most Cash

You don't need to worry about selling your junk or used truck anymore. It doesn't matter that your truck is barely standing. We will buy it for the right price. Kelly Truck Buyers will offer a competitive quote regardless of the condition your truck is in. That is our promise. We are known for offloading the most decrepit vehicles for great values.

Our extensive network of salvage yards allows us to give our clients a fantastic price point. We have years of experience in this industry and have carved out a niche for ourselves. Our reputation precedes us. We are family owned and run and take pride in what we do. There are no nasty surprises or hidden costs when you deal with Kelly Truck Buyers.

Free Hauling. You Don't Pay for Anything!

There are not many heavy truck salvage buyers that offer to tow a heavy truck for free. But we like to make it as simple as possible for our clients. You don't have to worry about a thing after accepting our offer. When you are searching for “heavy truck salvage buyers near me,” we are the most dependable company in your area. In fact, you might want to sell your entire old fleet after seeing the kind of money we are ready to offer.

Our clients love the fact that as salvage truck buyers, our team members are highly professional and knowledgeable. We value your time and are quick with our response time. We can be at your doorstep at a time convenient to you. In majority of our pick-ups, we try for same day delivery. However, if not, we will let you know our soonest and you can tell us if it is convenient for you or not.

Get Cash or Check for Your Salvage Truck with Complete Peace of Mind

Everyone can do with a little extra money. Did you know that junk in your yard could fetch you a good amount? Salvage trucks are sold as scrap. The team at Kelly Truck Buyers uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine the fair price of an old heavy truck. We won't offer scrap value unless we really have to. You can count on us that even our scrap offers are better than most other salvage truck buyers.

We will offer cash or check payment, and you will not have to wait for it beyond the committed time. We are here to ensure total peace of mind for you when you have a salvage heavy truck for sale. You cannot go wrong when you deal with Kelly Truck Buyers.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves at being the best salvage truck buyers and providing top dollar to our customers. There are several things that sets us apart from any option you would find after searching online for “heavy truck salvage buyers near me.” These are a few reasons that compel our customers to recommend us to their friends and family:

1. Courteous and friendly staff

You don't want to deal with impertinent smart alecks. Our staff is polite, courteous and friendly. We want to help you sell your truck and we want to do it with a smile.

2. Best rate in the area

While it is true that a salvage heavy truck will fetch you lower than a running used truck. However, we still offer the best rates for all trucks. You will be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer and won't need to think twice before selling the truck. Get your quote right now!

3. Free hauling

Another good part about dealing with Kelly Truck Buyers is that you don't pay a thing for the towing. You don't need to worry about it. We will come prepared and haul away your junk. The icing on the cake is that we will pay you money for taking your junk away.

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