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How To Get Most Cash For Semi Trucks?

Old semi-trucks can take up a lot of space, which can become a burden when you are not using the vehicle. In addition, there are always the added expenses, such as insurance and others that you need to pay for if you decide to keep the junk. It is prudent to find semi truck buyers near me, especially if the truck stopped running recently or a long time ago. The question is where do you find the right semi truck buyers who will pay you enough to make the sale worth it.

Kelly Truck Buyers is a family owned and run business that offers the most cash for trucks in the country. We know the industry and understand how it works. You won't be disappointed if you decide to sell your truck to us. In fact, most of our business as used semi truck buyers comes from the friends and families of our customers that were happy with the rates offered to them.

Sell Your Semi-Truck if it is Costly to Maintain it

It is not very smart to hold on to an asset that ceased being an asset long time ago. You probably don't want to continue throwing away good money after something that is no longer useful. Kelly Truck Buyers offers the most cash for semi trucks anywhere. Unlike unknown semi-truck buyers or fly-by-night operators, we don't believe in making a one-time purchase. We like building relationships with our customers that are based on honesty and long-term commitment.

We will buy your old truck whether it is in running condition or not. We promise to make an offer that you would find very hard to refuse. This is just one of the perks of doing business with us. You don't need to worry about anything when you deal with Kelly Truck Buyers. This is among the many reasons why we are considered one of the best used semi truck buyers in the country.

Why Choose Us for Your Old Semi-Truck for Sale?

Sell your used semi-truck today before it loses more value. Don't miss out on a good deal because of indecisiveness. We are here to help you sell your truck and get you the maximum possible cash quickly. Here are a few good reasons to choose Kelly Truck Buyers:

  • Free pick-up and towing
  • No hassle, no negotiations, no risk
  • Competitive price quotes
  • 100% cash payments (or check in some cases)
  • Same day pick-ups wherever possible
  • Friendly and helpful customer service team

Your time matters to us. And we show it in the way we deal with our customers. With Kelly Truck Buyers, you virtually don't need to do anything. Because for an old truck that doesn't run, you really shouldn't have to make an effort to sell.

All you have to do is click on our “Get a Quote Now” link and answer a few quick questions. You can also just pick up your phone and call us if you want to speak to someone in person. So, if you are searching for “semi truck buyers near me,” your search stops with us.

Best Way To Get Cash For Semi Trucks

It has never been easier to get rid of your junk or used truck for cash. We make it as simple as 1 - 2 - 3. This is what you need to do:

  1. Give us a call or use our online link to request for a quote
  2. Accept the quote and let us know a convenient time to visit your location
  3. Give us the truck title and keys and we will pay you on the spot

There is nothing further to it. As honorable semi truck buyers, we don't believe in hidden costs or unnecessary haggling. We like things simple, efficient, and quick.

Don't Pay For Towing

Got a semi trailer that doesn't run anymore and needs to be sold? We are ready to purchase it. There are several truck buyers out there who may ask you to pay for the towing charges. Worse, they may ask you to bring it to them at your own cost. You need to be careful who you deal with when you find numbers off the internet by making random searches, such as “semi truck buyers near me”.

Kelly Truck Buyers never asks for any of its customers to pay for towing or pick-up. We do it for free. It doesn't matter whether your old truck runs or not. We want it. And, we won't make you pay anything for it. It will be ironic if we pay cash for your semi-truck and then ask you for a portion of it back. We have a vast network of truck buyers across the country and can more or less absorb the cost.

We can be at your place of choice at a time convenient to you. You can ask us to be there at a certain time and we will make sure that we are not late. Our trucks get picked up when it's convenient for our customers. In addition to this, that doesn't cost our customers a thing.

How Much Cash Can You Get For Your Used Semi-Trailer?

Don't let indecisiveness get the better of you if you are wondering whether you want to sell your semi-truck or not. If it's become a money guzzler, it is probably for the best that you get rid of it sooner than later. The team at Kelly Truck Buyers are ready and eager to help you sell your used semi-truck. Get in touch with us today if you want to know how much your truck is worth. You don't need to pay us anything to get a competitive quote. Give us a call at 800-790-1686 or fill out this form to request a free quote.

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